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Services & Production

What we offer to our customers

Levanplast aims to satisfy and build customer loyalty, offering professional services with innovative and original products
Order development

The interaction between sales, production and graphic allow to support our customers by offering a complete service in order to achieve excellent results in terms of communication, quality and utility of the product.

Graphic Design

Graphics and design are handled by a graphics Department, young and knowledgeable responsive to trends of the moment. It works with the sales department able to understand the right match between product and price.


Delivery times are estimated in 15/20 days from the date of approval of the graphics.

Experience and creativity

Graphic customization

Graphics and design are taken care of by a young and competent graphic department, attentive to the latest trends and uses of the moment and by a sales department ready to identify the best product-price combination.

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The main production sectors


Production of sleeves for plants and cut flowers. The flexibility of the product satisfy the different customer’s needs.


The use of certified materials allow to keep the integrity of food with a good final outcome.


The bag is a real business card for stores. That’s why our bags have to enrich clothes they bring, both sartorial and pret-â-portér in the best way possible.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum quantity that can be ordered? + -

The quantity depends on the product requested: for neutral macroforated envelopes (or micro-perforated) the minimum order is equal to 100 kg.

If the request is for products present in stock there is the possibility to buy also the single carton of the reference article.

If the request is for customized printed works the quantity varies according to the number of colors of the design.

How many pieces are there in 100 kg of material? + -

The number of pieces varies according to the required sleeve/bag size.

What are the materials used? + -

Bags and sleeves are produced with different types of material: CAST, BOPP, HD, PLT and COEX.


– floriculture sleeves: CAST and BOPP;

– food : almost all types of material (with the exception of BOPP).

% of production

Below are the percentages of production estimated on an annual basis on the production divided by the main processing sectors

Floriculture 0
Food 0
Clothing 0